Do you want to attract targeted followers, increase your sales and save time on Instagram?

Strategic Management For Your Instagram Profile

With our team managing your profile interactions, you will gain time to connect with your audience and many other benefits, such as:


We make sure to attract only people who are relevant to you, as we can target by hashtags, famous accounts, and even competitors.


By engaging with your specific target audience, we’ll be driving more traffic to your profile; thus proportionally boosting your sales results.


We work for you all day, every day, allowing us to increase your exposure by reaching thousands of users each month.

Exclusive Features For Account Growth

Your profile gets fully optimized for increased visibility and targeted reach,
while you may normally use your account maintaining 100% control.

24/7 Social Engagement

Our team interacts with potential followers through your account all day, every day.

Advanced Targeting Options

We can target by famous accounts, many hashtags, and even competitors!

Real Organic Followers

We generate a following of organic people. No ghost or fake accounts are involved.

100% Account Safety

Our service is 100% safe. Everything we do is within the limits of Instagram.

All Your Connections

You maintain full control of your account, uploads, and all connections.

Dedicated Client Support

Multi-channel client care to assist and update your strategies whenever you need.

It's Simple And Easy To Get Started Now

No confusing steps. No fake bots. You tell us your goals and your target market, and we’ll take care of the rest. 24/7.

Choose Your Plan

Begin by identifying which plan works best for your goals.

Place Your Order

Subscribe by making the first payment of your new plan.

Submit Your Info

Fill up the form with your targeting options and objectives.

Enjoy Your Results

Within 24 hours you’ll start to see new engagement on your profile.

Tiny Investment For Incredible Results

We make it very clear to see a return on investment when you compare our small fee with all the amazing benefits you get and time you save.



  •  Up to 20 follows / hour
  •  Up to 20 likes / hour
  •  Up to 20 unfollows / hour
  •  Targeting 3 hashtags
  •  Targeting followers of 3 users
  •  Up to 3 strategic changes monthly
  • Average gain of 1000 to 2000 new targeted followers




  •  Up to 30 follows / hour
  •  Up to 30 likes / hour
  •  Up to 5 comments / hour
  •  Up to 30 unfollows / hour
  •  Targeting 10 hashtags
  •  Targeting followers of 10 users
  •  Up to 5 strategic changes monthly
  • Average gain of 1500 to 3000 new targeted followers




  •  Up to 40 follows / hour
  •  Up to 40 likes / hour
  •  Up to 15 comments / hour
  •  Up to 40 unfollows / hour
  •  Targeting 20 hashtags
  •  Targeting followers of 20 users
  •  Dedicated manager for planning and unlimited changes
  • Average gain of 2000 to 5000 new targeted followers


Is the engagement real?

Our service provides 100% genuine engagement from people who are interested in your content. Each time we interact with a user, they receive a notification. This engagement creates curiosity, which in turn drives targeted traffic to your Instagram account.

Do you need my account credentials?

Yes. To initiate the activity on your Instagram account, we require your Instagram username and password. However, we will never perform any action that was not previously agreed upon.

How can I stop or change the service settings?

It’s very easy to cancel your plan or change your strategy. Simply send us an email or contact us through our different communication channels.

Is it completely safe to use?

Absolutely! We have a 100% record! No client of Insta Engagement has ever lost their account due to our services. We built our tools with Instagram’s daily limits in mind, and have had zero issue with our process. We do recommend that you don’t use any third party auto-like/follow apps or programs.

Can I normally use my account?

Of course! Your account is your own, and our service will run in the background. You can use your account as you normally would.

May I resell the services?

Yes, and we also encourage you to! Contact us to get more information on how we can manage your client’s accounts.

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